Choose a Virtual Bookkeeper, A Blog Post by The Artisan Bookkeeper


Choose a Virtual Bookkeeper

Hiring a virtual bookkeeper is like hiring a business partner. An in-house bookkeeper often takes care of the books and other accounting responsibilities.  However, a virtual one takes time to offer business goals and solutions that can be used to grow or sustain your business. 

Affordable for Small Business

Virtual bookkeeping is a savvy choice. The overhead expenses such as vacation, sick pay and benefits are not present. If you are using your CPA as your bookkeeper, you are over paying for a job that can be done at a lower cost. 

If we use $35,000 as a low end in-house bookkeeper yearly cost, you can see the savings of sharing a virtual bookkeeper with other companies. It's possible a virtual bookkeeper would charge between $300-500 monthly for basic bookkeeping services. That is even less than one week's pay for an in-house worker and less than an accountant. Because they can take on more than one client, your virtual bookkeeper can give you more in terms of service at a lower cost.

Safe and Secure from Anywhere


Virtual bookkeepers utilize online accounting programs that are encrypted with bank level security. Your books are accessible through your choice of technology with a password of your choice. So, whether you are on a monthly report plan or quarterly report plan, you can always access the current condition of your finances. 

Another excellent feature is that your bookkeeper is now responsible for program updates and changes. Reduce the headaches and IT nightmares by letting someone else take on that burden. 

No one wants to think about what happens when your computer glitches or there is a fire. With an online system your data is always there waiting for you.   

How Does It Work

Your virtual bookkeeper will have read only access to your accounts and other information. Communication routes are completely up to you; email, phone and even video conference. So, be sure to discuss what your expectations are for communication. Remember, they also have other clients that they work with daily.