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Bookkeeping: How Much Do I Need?

Here are four types of Owners and how bookkeepers can help.

I always say it's best to talk to a bookkeeper before making any decisions about bookkeeping services. Many great bookkeepers offer free consultations to find out what is lacking in your business and how they can best serve you. Remember, the decision is always up to YOU!

The Overworked

Running a business and need a helping hand? It's tough to run a business and stay on top of everything. Bookkeepers can balance your books, reconcile transactions, help with AP, AR, payroll and so much more. Deciding which of these duties you need assistance with will change the cost of the services you receive. However, don't under estimate the value of good bookkeeping by looking for the lowest price. Remember, you get what you pay for.   

The Builder

Wanting to grow your business or open another location? Handling all the duties that come with those can take its toll. While you handle all the decisions and foot work, your bookkeeper is in the background keeping up with the daily accounts. At the end of the day, you can feel accomplished and on point instead of buried under a never ending TO DO list.  



The Supplier

Deciding to add inventory to your options? Any small business can make a substantial change by adding inventory items that sell at a higher margin. Your bookkeeper can help determine margins and work with your Point of Sale program to provide reports on how the inventory is working for you. 

The Mindful Entrepreneur

Business owners should always be planning for future expenses. Waiting for an emergency to look for funds can unbalance your cash flow and send your business plummeting. Your bookkeeper can help you set budgets to save money for rainy days or to put some aside for funding future projects.


Knowing when to outsource is a difficult decision. Don’t wait till the last minute to check into bookkeeping services. By utilizing a bookkeeper through the year, you can save money and time during tax season by having your information ready for the CPA.