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No, We're Not All Equal.    

     Bookkeeping services for today. 

Are you changing with the times? Many business owners hold onto the way they've done things for so long because that's all they know. But what if there were more efficient and easy ways to do it? Be willing to welcome change.

Get Great Customer Service

It's your business and now you get to pick who you work with. Find a likeminded person and be comfortable. Going virtual gives you the opportunity to pick from a larger pool. No longer are you limited by someone within your geographic area.  

Comforts of Home

The basic functions of a bookkeeper don't change based on your location. Save some money on insurance and benefits by hiring virtual. 

It's hard enough trying something new, so you want some comforts. No problem! Not all companies outsource your business overseas. There are many home grown bookkeepers that can help you right here in the states. 


Training Matters

You did research before starting your company and your bookkeeper should have too. Being certified in their software of choice shows they have basic training and should be able to use the more advanced features. Those people will be able to save you time and money in the long run. 

The Cloud is a Wonderful Place

Using the cloud for your software needs means having access to your business information anytime, anywhere. Time tracking, expense reporting and basic accounting software programs are available for the cloud and many have smart phone Apps. For on the go businesses, this is a perfect solution to have daily information about your finances.  

Customize Your Services

You can divide and conquer! You decide on what your needs are. Remember though, your bookkeeper should NEVER be given access to write checks without your signature. With that in mind, they can oversee your AP and/or AR needs ensuring that bills are paid on time and invoices collected.