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Three Simple Steps to having more time! Make contact!


So, you need a new bookkeeper. There could be many reasons; you were doing it and don't want to anymore, your bookkeeper quit, the last person was incompetent, and you couldn't take it anymore. No problem, let's see if we're a great fit together. 

15 Minute Phone Chat

Just a chat to see what you need to make your life easier. Questions like;

  1. What system were you using previously?
  2. What was/wasn't working for you?
  3. What could I do to make things easier for you?

It's really that simple. I need to know how you operated before so that I can be prepared to ask the right questions in the Free Consultation. I will send a link this this, https://calendly.com/jennauck/15min and you can schedule the chat at your convenience. Now one of the perks of my job is working hours that work for me. So, I don't work a typical 8a-5p work week and have set these times aside. However, if these don't fit your needs, send me note, I'm flexible. 

After the chat, I'll put together a list of questions and you can as well of things we need to know about each other. Mine will be more about the insides of your system. I'll send a list of items that you can prepare for the Free Consultation, so we will both be preapred to keep the meeting short and productive. 


Free Consultation

It sounds so professional doesn't it. What I really want to do is talk to the decision makers and see what duties you are looking to hire.  If there are more than one person that can make decisions, both of you will need to be present. Nothing worse than completely setting everything up with one partner to have the other decide it's not needed. Neither of us need to waste that time. 

Thirty minutes or less is our goal. We can learn a little more about each other's business and see how they can fit together. Your choice of communication is phone or video chat. Here are some example questions:

  1. What kind of accounting method are your using and are you using a program?
  2. When does your fiscal year run?
  3. Are you keeping personal and business separate? 

After the consultation, we can take a few days to review our discussion and see if it's a great fit. I want our working together to be a great partnership and if for any reason one of us thinks it isn't, let's part on good terms. There's no pressure here, just two business owners looking for great communication and results. 

The Proposal

Next, I'll send out a list of items that I need to look at to prepare a proposal. Basic needs like how many transactions you manage a month and other items that will determine your pricing category. There are three options to choose from. The differences decide when you receive reports about your business. If you chose quarterly, your books will still be reconciled weekly, but you will be moved behind other companies that require monthly reports. You will never be left to wonder about your finances. 


Happily Ever After

If you accept the proposal we're in business! I'll send a list of documents that are required to get started and prepare the information for Quickbooks Online or Xero, the two accounting platforms that I use. We will set up a monthly credit charge or ACH to pay for my charges because I charge prior to the work each month. 

But what if it doesn't work out you ask? Well, that's ok. I request a 30 day notice so I can wrap up your books. That's it. The only agreement you sign is an agreement of my charges for the duties you have requested. Have more questions but ready to talk. Awesome! Contact now! 

A Blog Post by The Artisan Bookkeeper


No, We're Not All Equal.    

     Bookkeeping services for today. 

Are you changing with the times? Many business owners hold onto the way they've done things for so long because that's all they know. But what if there were more efficient and easy ways to do it? Be willing to welcome change.

Get Great Customer Service

It's your business and now you get to pick who you work with. Find a likeminded person and be comfortable. Going virtual gives you the opportunity to pick from a larger pool. No longer are you limited by someone within your geographic area.  

Comforts of Home

The basic functions of a bookkeeper don't change based on your location. Save some money on insurance and benefits by hiring virtual. 

It's hard enough trying something new, so you want some comforts. No problem! Not all companies outsource your business overseas. There are many home grown bookkeepers that can help you right here in the states. 


Training Matters

You did research before starting your company and your bookkeeper should have too. Being certified in their software of choice shows they have basic training and should be able to use the more advanced features. Those people will be able to save you time and money in the long run. 

The Cloud is a Wonderful Place

Using the cloud for your software needs means having access to your business information anytime, anywhere. Time tracking, expense reporting and basic accounting software programs are available for the cloud and many have smart phone Apps. For on the go businesses, this is a perfect solution to have daily information about your finances.  

Customize Your Services

You can divide and conquer! You decide on what your needs are. Remember though, your bookkeeper should NEVER be given access to write checks without your signature. With that in mind, they can oversee your AP and/or AR needs ensuring that bills are paid on time and invoices collected. 

A Blog Post by The Artisan Bookkeeper


Bookkeeping: How Much Do I Need?

Here are four types of Owners and how bookkeepers can help.

I always say it's best to talk to a bookkeeper before making any decisions about bookkeeping services. Many great bookkeepers offer free consultations to find out what is lacking in your business and how they can best serve you. Remember, the decision is always up to YOU!

The Overworked

Running a business and need a helping hand? It's tough to run a business and stay on top of everything. Bookkeepers can balance your books, reconcile transactions, help with AP, AR, payroll and so much more. Deciding which of these duties you need assistance with will change the cost of the services you receive. However, don't under estimate the value of good bookkeeping by looking for the lowest price. Remember, you get what you pay for.   

The Builder

Wanting to grow your business or open another location? Handling all the duties that come with those can take its toll. While you handle all the decisions and foot work, your bookkeeper is in the background keeping up with the daily accounts. At the end of the day, you can feel accomplished and on point instead of buried under a never ending TO DO list.  



The Supplier

Deciding to add inventory to your options? Any small business can make a substantial change by adding inventory items that sell at a higher margin. Your bookkeeper can help determine margins and work with your Point of Sale program to provide reports on how the inventory is working for you. 

The Mindful Entrepreneur

Business owners should always be planning for future expenses. Waiting for an emergency to look for funds can unbalance your cash flow and send your business plummeting. Your bookkeeper can help you set budgets to save money for rainy days or to put some aside for funding future projects.


Knowing when to outsource is a difficult decision. Don’t wait till the last minute to check into bookkeeping services. By utilizing a bookkeeper through the year, you can save money and time during tax season by having your information ready for the CPA.

Choose a Virtual Bookkeeper, A Blog Post by The Artisan Bookkeeper


Choose a Virtual Bookkeeper

Hiring a virtual bookkeeper is like hiring a business partner. An in-house bookkeeper often takes care of the books and other accounting responsibilities.  However, a virtual one takes time to offer business goals and solutions that can be used to grow or sustain your business. 

Affordable for Small Business

Virtual bookkeeping is a savvy choice. The overhead expenses such as vacation, sick pay and benefits are not present. If you are using your CPA as your bookkeeper, you are over paying for a job that can be done at a lower cost. 

If we use $35,000 as a low end in-house bookkeeper yearly cost, you can see the savings of sharing a virtual bookkeeper with other companies. It's possible a virtual bookkeeper would charge between $300-500 monthly for basic bookkeeping services. That is even less than one week's pay for an in-house worker and less than an accountant. Because they can take on more than one client, your virtual bookkeeper can give you more in terms of service at a lower cost.

Safe and Secure from Anywhere


Virtual bookkeepers utilize online accounting programs that are encrypted with bank level security. Your books are accessible through your choice of technology with a password of your choice. So, whether you are on a monthly report plan or quarterly report plan, you can always access the current condition of your finances. 

Another excellent feature is that your bookkeeper is now responsible for program updates and changes. Reduce the headaches and IT nightmares by letting someone else take on that burden. 

No one wants to think about what happens when your computer glitches or there is a fire. With an online system your data is always there waiting for you.   

How Does It Work

Your virtual bookkeeper will have read only access to your accounts and other information. Communication routes are completely up to you; email, phone and even video conference. So, be sure to discuss what your expectations are for communication. Remember, they also have other clients that they work with daily.